iPhone 6+ and Verizon's free data offer


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Jan 23, 2009
Henderson, NV
I ordered a gold 6 plus, 128GB from Version on 9/24. The shipping date was 10/23. I was supposed to get 1GB of free data for 2 years upon activation of said phone. It shipped 10/21 and I received it 10/23. The phone is great, I love it.

But my 1GB of temporary free data didn't show up. Today I called customer service and asked where my free data was I was told it was too late, even though I qualified when I ordered.

However, I was told, since I was since a great customer I could double my 4 GB data plan for the same price. So I did. I'm happy with that too since 4GB wasn't enough. And it's a permanent upgrade.

I just find it weird they couldn't give me a temporary 1GB of data but they could give me a permanent 4GB. But I'm not complaining.