iPhone 6s and 6s Plus Photos


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Post pictures taken on your 6s or 6s Plus here.
I wasn't planning on posting these as these are quite literally the only pictures I've taken so far, but I figured since no one else has yet, I'd try to get the ball rolling. Given that these were quick snaps the mess with the camera and I haven't actually tried to really see what it can do, I'm already impressed. The difference is definitely noticeable over my prior 6 Plus. Particularly impressed with night shots so far.



Thanks, she was 80 and in failing health and in great pain. It was best that God took her when he did. She is now at peace.

Back to the original topic - The camera in my 6s+ is simply awesome! It hands-down beats the camera in my 6+ in every way, including being able to take 4k videos. I've shot a few 4k videos, uploaded them to YouTube and watched them on our 4k TV and they look as good as a movie shot by a production company!


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Took this about five minutes after the sun set the other night.