iPhone 7 to 8 and moving and iCloud Drive account to a family share


Jun 1, 2015
So my wife has the 50gig drive plan and I have the 200gig. I want to stop her plan and have it go on mine.

All her drive space is Photos and her phone backup.

1-How can I get her photos on to HER share of MY iCloud space? Her photos are not saved like files in iCloud Drive they’re on the cloud using the photo upload option seen below

2-How would I get this changed where it says “not using”?

To add another twist her iPhone 8 is coming tomorrow too. I was thinking of signing out of iCloud or maybe not if it’s not necessary and just air drop all the pics, share my storage, then turn on the iCloud photo upload and it will put them on the cloud and then wipe the current iPhone 7. But now as I type thing I’m thinking about how that will work with a new and old phone and activation and the old one has to be off in order to activate the new one.

Any help would be awesome, thanks in advance.