iPhone activation

Jun 19, 2007
just spoke with a customer service rep at Apple's Online store help number (1-800-MYAPPLE) Was told that the Apple online and retail stores are just providing the phones and will have nothing to do with activation. As for sale time at the online store, 6 PM local time also goes, even though i do not know how this would work because how would Apple know what time zone you are in while logging on their online store, but hey take it for what it is worth.


New Member
Jun 4, 2007
They could use geo-targeting with ips, although that is easily defeated.
Perhaps they just hold it if your shipping address is off, or perhaps they have you enter your information first, so they know where you are.

I am starting to think if I don't get one in the store, I may just order it online and get it early the next week.