iPhone and Range Rover Vogue


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Jan 1, 2009

I have a iPhone 3G and a Range Rover Vogue 05 with Bluetooth.

I can connect the iPhone up with the Range Rover and when i make a call it will dial but when someone picks up, the call ends on the range rover and i cannot use it via the range rover.

The call is still connected between the iPhone and the person calling, but the ranger rover doesn't pick this up.

So to sum up, it connects, calls but on answer disconnects.

Any ideas?

And how do i get the address book to copy over?


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Oct 3, 2009
iPhone & range rover vogue integration

I have same problem where the iPhone connects to the range rover no problem but on either dialling out or receiving a call the line is dropped immediately. Just had the vehicle serviced and asked the dealer to check this problem. They inform me that I have a faulty bluetooth module in the vehicle and that to change it would cost in the region of £500