iPhone Apple $100 Rebate Problems


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Jul 1, 2007
Ok I thought i would let you all know there is a big glitch with the Apple Rebate that we all got. When i first got it i used it to buy 2 items and i had a credit of $28.10 Today i went to Apple to buy something else and when i went to pay they said that I had no more credit on it. So the manager came out and after i explained i had a credit left he looked it up and saw i only bought 2 things and that i did have a credit. When he called the main rebate center they told him i made 3 purchases and the last one was for $28.10. The store manager then told me that he has seen this glitch many times and in fact there is a problem. He told me to buy the product and tomorrow when the main office is open in San Fran he will sort it out. He said in fact that they are a ware of this problem and if you did not use the full $100 in the first few days, and you waited to use the rest weeks after that this cuss some sort of glitch.

I thought you all would want to know. Hope he sorts it out like he said.


Jun 21, 2007
San Francisco
Sounds pretty screwy. Thanks for the heads up - lots of people out there who haven't used their rebate yet that may run into this problem.