iPhone apps vs Blackberry (Curve) apps


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Feb 19, 2007
Seriously considering the purchase of the latest and greatest iPhone (2) with 3G and rumored GPS installed.
Currently have the Curve.
"Progressed" from the Treo to the Curve and maybe iPhone 2.
Looking for ease of use, functionality, industry related apps that are not bloat-ware or ridiculously expensive.
I am somewhat concerned about the native vs WebApps ie: what if for some reason I am unable to access the Web for the apps most needed?
I have a MacMini with OS 10.4.11 so I appreciate the innovation Apple has and inspires.
Anyone here that has both experienced use of both the Curve (Blackberry) and iPhone devices?
Would appreciate your insight(s) of your (vast) experience(s), really.


Jun 10, 2006
Long Island, NY
I think the Curve is a fantastic email device. If you've got multiple accounts, the push email of the Curve is very nice. I find the UI of the Curve to be a bit cumbersome and the menu structures are neverending. If email is your thing, the Curve is great. Excellent keyboard and they did a great job with the form factor.

As far as third party apps, I haven't done much with third party apps on the Curve. I've dabbled mostly with freeware. With the iPhone, I expect a very high level of app. The combination of a powerful OS and large userbase makes it great for developers. Now, distribution will be exclusively through Apple. It still remains to be seen if Apple will hinder development of "official" apps in anyway.

Now, as far as the iPhone is concerned:
  • Safari is heads and shoulders above all the competitors
  • Email on the iPhone will be faster with 3G
  • Navigating multiple accounts is a bit difficult
  • Expect developers to "fill in the gaps" where there are UI issues, albeit minor ones
  • It works flawlessly with your Mac
  • If you p/u the new iPhone, you'll have the latest and greatest
  • At the end of the day, it's the best iPod.
Web apps never really took off. The real apps should be spectacular. If you have any old Palm apps, StyleTap will be releasing emulation software that will you to run all your old Palm OS apps.

Really, they are both great devices. I was surprised at how much I liked the Curve. That being said, the iPhone is more of a complete package.



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Aug 11, 2007
Chris has you pretty much completely covered. As far as email accounts go, I don't have too many gripes. It gets a bit difficult, but it isn't like using a PC. And as far as Safari goes, there is no competition. None.

- John


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Sep 8, 2007
Sunny Florida
I did not have a Curve, but I had a BB Pearl before my iPhone. The web on the BB was terrible compared to the iPhone. The mail was better than the iPhone. I prefer the iPhone due to the interface and better web. It really depends what you need it for vs what you want it for.


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Aug 15, 2007
Well I bought my iPhone on the day it came out and ive been using that since about February when I bought a Curve because I got bored with the iPhone even though it was hacked too. But now...I'm currently using the Curve but I'm seriously considering putting the sim card back in the iPhone and using it again. I guess I just started missing it and its just really cool. I love the Internet experience that I can get on the iPhone and the typing on it is amazing. Its also nice that its so thin. But the blackberry is thin too btw...just not as thin as the iPhone. In my opinion, they are for two different purposes. To me, it seems that the BlackBerry is more for businesss people. The thing I like about the blackberry that the iPhone doesn't have I'd copy ad paste, and forwarding and the amazing email experience. If you are a businesss person, and staying on top of your email is very important, go for the blackberry. If you want a cool phone that can impress a ton of ppl including yourself, get the iPhone. Also, the bad thing about the BB is that you can't use it with macs to get apps, and the ones AT&T has are stupid and expensive. The good thing about the iPhone is that in a few weeks, you'll be able to get applications and games and things like that through the app store


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Feb 19, 2007
I have been "researching" the news and blogs to evaluate the Blackberry vs iPhone debate.
Am I a serious email abuser or Web user; a visual person or text-does-fine person?
As I use my Blackberry more often for SMS and Web searches, am a visual individual! and since I don't own a bakery where I'm rolling in the dough!, the 2nd generation iPhone is a very attractive offering.
I will continue to peruse the Web and stash the cash up to and including July 11th.
Camping out or arriving early, that's the dilemma.


Sep 20, 2007
well I have an iPhone as my personal device and a curve for work. and all I really use it for email and the only app ive really used is an IM app so when the new firware comes out, I won't really have a need for my curve...