iPhone as a USB Modem


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Oct 19, 2007
Does anyone know if you'll be able to use the iPhone as a usb modem? I know the wireless method is out there but it would seem likely to me that the direction of using the iPhone as a usb modem would be a bit more robust whenever you're on the web.

The iPhone is new to me since I'm a Windows guy and I have used this usb method with my windows pocket pc phone, which works great...

So I'm on the prowl for a windows usb iPhone driver...

Any thoughts:eek:


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Jul 1, 2007
USB would not be faster then wireless when you are taking about internet use.

I'm not sure what USB's transfer rate is...something like 800Mbits a sec? (doesn't matter, you'll see why)

Wireless is up to 54Mbits/sec

The thing is USB wouldn't be more "robust" since internet speed is only about 1.5Mbits/sec and that is VERY fast cable. Our iPhones do a paltry 120Kbits/sec on EDGE. WiFi is fast enough for that. i imagine that you want an easier solution then the current way to tether the device.........Sorry Apple hasn't released the software to handle this and third party most likely cannot do this with knowing how to handle certain device paths for the iPhone (programming thing).