iPhone Backgrounds: Color Variations of the Weather App

Discussion in 'iPhone Jailbreak' started by princess_80854, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. princess_80854

    princess_80854 New Member

    I decided to post some color variations of the Weather app background to compliment some of the existing themes out there. Hopefully someone will find these useful.

    First, you'll need to rename the backgrounds to:

    weather_day_bkgd (AND/OR)

    Then make sure you put them in your "Modding" folder.

    To install using iPhoneInterface, input these commands: (according to which backgrounds you are changing)

    cd /Applications/Weather.app/
    putfile Applications/Weather.app/weather_day_bkgd.png
    putfile Applications/Weather.app/weather_night_bkgd.png

    To install using ManzanaUI, drag and drop backgrounds into this folder:


    *******QUICK NOTE*******

    You DON'T have to restart your phone in order for the changes to the backgrounds to take effect. Just open the weather app and you'll see your new background. If you had the Weather app open while you were installing the new background, just close and re-open and you'll see the changes.


  2. princess_80854

    princess_80854 New Member

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  4. Witness

    Witness Zealot

    cool have you figuredout how to change the background of the settings menu?
  5. princess_80854

    princess_80854 New Member

    No, there's no visible file that we can edit for that one. I really wanted to change it too!
  6. marauderrt10

    marauderrt10 New Member

    Actually princess there is! Its called Default-prefs.png. Heres the file! So start editing! :laugh2: Can you make it that dark red color (same as the 3rd one on your weather ones) Is it possible to keep the lines going down?
  7. princess_80854

    princess_80854 New Member

    I'm aware of that file. But the phone won't allow you to change it.
  8. marauderrt10

    marauderrt10 New Member

    I dont think so, i see it in my pref, and its letting me rewrite over it.
  9. princess_80854

    princess_80854 New Member

    There are a lot of files that are viewable in the Manzana UI application that can't be overwritten for whatever reason. That one is one of them.
  10. reebs

    reebs Member

    thanks princess, awesome!!!:laugh2:
  11. propedderkustoms

    propedderkustoms New Member

    I renamed one of them Default.png to replace the initial image that pops up with Weather loads; however, the image comes up as too large - I need a different image for Default.png in the Weather app. Any ideas? Thanks
  12. propedderkustoms

    propedderkustoms New Member

    Sort of solved my own problem. Made a 320 by 480 transparent image and put the colored Weather background in the right spot on it [took a couple tries to get it perfect]. Here is my final result for the red one...everyone can just use mine as a template and put their color over the red one.


    PS, the background of the PNG is transparent but it shows up as black on the ImageShack link, but don't worry it is transparent.
  13. princess_80854

    princess_80854 New Member

    Which background are you trying to use?

    EDIT..Ok, this is weird! That's what I just finished doing. What size did you resize your background to? Mine is 266 by 310 on a 300 by 378 tranparent background.
  14. propedderkustoms

    propedderkustoms New Member

    I used a 320 by 480 transparent background, and put the Weather skin [exactly as you posted] on that. I had to move it around a bit so that it was in the exact right position so that when the Weather app loaded, I didn't see a "shift" from the Default.png image to the weather_night_bkgd.png or weather_day_bkgd.png image.
  15. princess_80854

    princess_80854 New Member

    You did a a good job with that!:)
  16. propedderkustoms

    propedderkustoms New Member

    :laugh2: Thanksss

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