iPhone backup files?

Discussion in 'iOS Software' started by omega047, Jul 14, 2008.

  1. omega047

    omega047 New Member

    hey during the 2.0 upgrade my phone just gave me error messages and so i tried several times to restore no luck took it to the apple store no luck from them so they gave me a new one they tried to have me do the install of the 2.0 (they gave me a 1.1.4 phone) and i got more error messages so then they did the upgrade for me then pulled out at the phone setup page as like would you like to set this up as a new phone or a back up i chose the most recent and didnt get any contacts it deleted all of my contacts for yahoo mail so what im thinking is i need to reinstall itunes but i want to save the backups (i know you can have bad backups) to try and just place them back in the folder once reinstalled.

    where are the backups anyone??? os xp
  2. phsycology

    phsycology Zealot

    Can you please repost this, with punctuation? I am struggling to read it...


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  4. omega047

    omega047 New Member

    just needed to know where the backup files are stored? sorry i was running out the door when i posted that
  5. omega047

    omega047 New Member

    never mind i found it C:\Documents and Settings\name of user\Application Data\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup
  6. phsycology

    phsycology Zealot

    Okay lol. I don't think many people knew that on here anyway.
  7. fedexgnd

    fedexgnd Member

    where are the backup files found on a mac?
  8. phsycology

    phsycology Zealot

    Home\Library\Application Support\Mobile sync\Backups
  9. megal_1

    megal_1 New Member

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  10. skylevinmina

    skylevinmina New Member

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  11. Lajja

    Lajja New Member

    thanks so much. that helped...but the data is not in a readable format..guess thats fine
  12. copelandjen

    copelandjen New Member

    hummm, what if you don't show anything regarding Mobile sync\Backups/Mobile sync\Backups in the Home\Library\Application Support folder? Now where do I look? Or, is possible I don't have one at all? Is this something that happens automatically when you sync your iphone in iTunes, or do you have to direct it manually? Thanks.

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