iPhone Bottom Connector - "corroded"

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by trflick, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. trflick

    trflick New Member

    I am being told that I got my connector wet - do not recollect this at all... and as a result, my connection is now intermittent with my PC. Is my ONLY choice to pay another $299 for a replacement!!!! Arggghhh
  2. KNK

    KNK New Member

    Who said that?

    Do you live on the beach? Salt air can cause carosion.

    Does the phone have rust on the connector, maybe your cable needs replacement.
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  4. trflick

    trflick New Member

    good point... Claim by Genius bar was "it got wet somehow" . I am sure they will claim it would happen uniformly on the connector and not in one place? - So frustrating. I keep this in a leather jacket and everything...
  5. ColsTiger

    ColsTiger Zealot

    you may as well go another hundred for a new phone instead of the refurb they'll send you.
  6. KNK

    KNK New Member

    Seriously, are you living on the beach? What leather jacket do you have?
  7. Lincoln

    Lincoln New Member

    Get a new phone - refurbs are nasty.

    - John
  8. trflick

    trflick New Member

    Have a Piel Frama. Live in Chicago... Been a very wet and humid winter :) Talk to the genius bar and convince him/her it's climate related - right? I love this phone and am now really realizing its fraility...
  9. pmesro

    pmesro New Member

    Do you have teenage kids who use these? Mine are particularly good at 'borrowing' hardware that gets wet etc....
  10. kylegod

    kylegod New Member

    Refurbs are fine. Mine is perfect. Obvioulsy better than the new one that i had bought
  11. The Apple

    The Apple Zealot

    I would call Apple and speak with someone instead of going to the "genius" bar. Tell them that your charging cord is not working properly, don't mention anything about corrosion though. Just tell them what the phone doesn't do. They will mosy likely send you out a box to ship the phone to them in and they will take care of it. It IS still under warranty. The customer service department over the phone generally do a better job of resolving problems than the people at the "genius" bar. I had very good luck with my problems being resolved quickly. Hopefully you will too.

    BTW If the genius looked into the earphone plug and saw that the moisture sensor had turned red, you are probably out of luck because this generally means you have soaked your phone. If it were just some corrosion and that sensor had not been "tripped" you should have been taken care of.
  12. zandrik

    zandrik Member

    Try this

    I've had this happen to me on one of my other phones, not an iPhone. It was on the verizon chocolate phone. It had some corrosion on the charger connector. My 12 month old son thought it was licorice. :laugh2:. Anyways, I got some white vinegar and a q-tip and and a toothpick and I dipped the q-tip barely in the vinegar and put it on the corroded area. Then with the toothpick scraped off the corrosion. It work surprisingly well. This may be a good idea, or may not be. Use this advice at your own will. It is possible that you get too much vinegar and it could drip into the phone and ruin it all together. So if you do decide to try this, be VERY careful.

    Has anyone else tried anything like this? What do others think of this?

  13. trflick

    trflick New Member

    went back to the genius bar yesterday and the connector caused an overheating of the USB connection. Refurb on the spot. All is good again. This is the best phone/pda I have ever owned. I guess the corrosion must have created the overheating problem...

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