Iphone buyer


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Mar 3, 2016
I'm contacting you because i'm a (civil no professional) french guy living in Paris who want to make a little iPhones business.
Here in Paris, the price of used iphone are much more expansive than in US.
So i would like to know if my business proposal is a good idea or not.
For example in Paris the best price you can get for an iPhone 6 64 Gb perfect condition with the box and charger is 500 euros so approximatly 550 dollars.
I think there is little money to make.
In Paris i often sell used Iphone i buy on french free ads. I know it's sold within a day in paris if it's in perfect condition.
The paiement could be done trough paypal as it's safe.
According to you, is it a good idea to sell american used iPhone in Paris ?