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Discussion in 'Windows PC and iPhone' started by Stargrrl, Aug 1, 2007.

  1. Stargrrl

    Stargrrl New Member

    When I plug the iPhone in I see that its syncing the calendar, but Im on Windows and I dont know what calendar its syncing too, it doesnt seem to be Yahoo's, Outlooks Express or Microsoft Works. Anyone know where to find this?

  2. RJ1

    RJ1 New Member

    when you plug your iphone to itunes click on the info tab and under calendar there should be a drop down menu and it will tell you where it is transferring to if it is checked
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  4. Stargrrl

    Stargrrl New Member

    Thanks I do see that and it says Outlook Express, which apparently doenst have a calendar. Im running version 6.

    I wonder if there is a calendar program I can download that it can sync to I dont really trust OE I've anyway I've only every had problems trying to use it.

  5. Stargrrl

    Stargrrl New Member

    I really wish I could sync the iPhone with my Yahoo calendar!
  6. GuyFawkes

    GuyFawkes New Member

    I would love it if we could choose Yahoo, or Google's calendar... Or both to do sync via Edge/wifi/iTunes. Fingers crossed that we get this as an option in an update.

  7. allitalien

    allitalien New Member

    does anyone know of a good calendar program that works with the sync?

    for that matter a good picture editor too... stupid apple and their stupid ical and iphoto......
  8. cavanj

    cavanj New Member

    Yahoo -> Outlook -> iTunes

    I'm a Newbie, and this may sound like more work that you want, but I think you can configure Yahoo's calendar to SYNCH with Outlook Express. Then I think you can configure Outlook Express to synch with iTunes. And finally use iTunes to synch with your iPhone.

    Yahoo can be set up to synch automatically with OE (or Outlook).

    Does this help?


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