iPhone called Irrelevant & A Security Nightmare


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Jun 13, 2007
"iPhone is a "Security Nightmare" and an Irrelevant Product"

A quote:

"Andrew Storms, director of security operations at network security firm nCircle, who called the iPhone a "security nightmare" in a recent post, has gone so far as to post a list of security-related questions that he wants Apple to address in a public forum before organizations "reel this new gadget into" their security policies. To wit:
Is data encrypted while in transit?
Is data encrypted on the device?
Is data encrypted on removable memory?
Is data removed if the device hasn't checked in centrally, hasn't received a policy update within a time window or if battery power is too low?
Is there S/MIME support?
Is there PGP support?
Are there electromagnetic analysis countermeasures?
Are there DRM applications (ability to read, but not forward data)?
Is there user authentication by means of password, passphrase or smart card?
Does the device automatically lock and require authentication to unlock?
Are the encryption keys stored on the devices, and are they also encrypted?
Do the network devices have firewalls?
Are the network interfaces disabled by default, and does the user have the ability to disable at will?
Is there the ability to remotely lock and disable the device?
Is there the ability to remotely wipe and back up data?
Is there the ability to centrally develop and enforce policy settings?
Is there centralized reporting of all device events—calls made, data transferred and usage statistics?

Gartner plans to recommend that businessses don't allow iPhones to come onto their premises."



May 16, 2007
For that matter, he should ask the same question of Microsoft, Palm and RIM, as none of the devices featuring their OSs have all of those features either, nor do any cell phones made today. Nobody would measure up. Period.


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Jun 13, 2007
of course but the only way the humor stops if we don't get the iPhone?:eek:
It'll take a lot more than that to get in the way of my humor. After all it's just a phone. And I have more on the way....:p

There are a lot of new phones coming out to keep me busy for the rest of the year. No worries.