iPhone Car Stereo Interface



I just received and iPhone for Christmas. What a gift! Now I want to outfit my '06 VW Beetle and "07 Chrysler Pacifica to allow me to play it through my car stereo (but not an FM modulator), preferably something hardwired. Any suggestions?



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Oct 2, 2007
Victoria, B.C. Canada
Hey All,
I drive a 99 Volvo C70 covert and it had an option for a CD changer on the factory stereo. I was able to purchase an adapter that plugged into the CD changer (which looked like an S-Video plug by the way) which ran into a little box which then ran out a cord that looks just like the cord that comes with the iPhone. I bought a little sticky holder to hold the iPhone onto my dash and plugged er in. The first thing I saw was the 'this is not made for the iPhone' warning in which I said no to turning off the iPhone radio. I then hit play and sure enough, great sound through my existing system. I was thrilled to hear that it worked. The sad news, when my phone rang the music volume lowered like it was supposed to. The ringer then piped up and the answer tab came up, I hit answer and no sound through the speakers. I had to unplug my cable then I was able to talk through the iPhone. I have still not found a fix for this....a real drag. I hope it works better for you guys.


Dec 30, 2007
for the Chrysler Pacifica they should have an ipod adapter (i drive a dodge and ive seen them plenty of times) that they can hard wire to your stock radio and have it work. I have a pioneer dvd player in my car and and i have an ipod adpater that worked with the my nano, touch and now iPhone. the only thing about it is you have to turn it airplane mode or you get that crazy buzzing when you get a txt or phone call. but it isn't too bad. the choice is yours.


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Oct 21, 2007
Inside my Iphone
Please let us know your results. This question is pretty common here.

Well it arrived today and is fitted. Works 100% for me.
Charges the iPhone and the sound is sweetttttttt.
I havn't really worked out how to play playlists yes as the user manual is crap. I can change albums though using the keys 1-6.

It did give the warning about not being made for iPhone and did i want aeroplane mode. I hit no and all is well after about 3 hrs constant use.