iPhone case for elderly

Mar 4, 2013
My grandmother just received her first iPhone! She tends to drop her cell phone a lot, and with the iPhone it won't be long until it breaks. What case should I get her to keep from her phone breaking?
Dec 15, 2008
Pensacola, FL
Are there a lot of design options for Otterboxes?

AND would Amazon be the best place to purchase one?
Otterbox has different types of cases that fit your wants and price range. Also they have different colors.

As for Amazon, you want to make sure the listing says "Ships from and sold by Amazon.com." From what I'm seeing, you save money from buying from them. I am unsure on any warranty. I purchase my Otterbox cases from their website, Otterbox.com. They will send you replacements for life as long as there is a noticeable issue.

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