iPhone Disabled Banner on iPhone homescreen?


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Jul 18, 2007
rofl.. i tried testing and stoped after the hour one.... Thanks for testing that out, i do appreciate it.

Now to figure out how they did that in the store. ><


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Dec 9, 2008
iPhone disabled

Hey guys yeah im haveing that exact same issues with my iPhone. i left the damn thing at a friends house for a week and just picked it up. i wasn't too worried about them accessing it becuse i had the passcode featured set to once a day or soemthing like that plus i knew the phone was dead. but they recharged it for me lol and im sure trued the pass code a few times but i cant imagin they sat there all day and tryed codes. is it possible over a period of a week off and on they did this and it locked up my phone? and i don't have a back up on iTunes becuse my laptop crashed with the original iTunes i set the phone up with. so am i screwed or what? id hate to loose all my info contacts etc.... is there a way to save my contacts at least ?