iPhone force roaming


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Aug 6, 2009
Hi guys I have a question! I live in las vegas, but also have a house in a small town in utah. So... At&t does not have service at my utah house but verizon does. Is there anyway I can make/force the iPhone "switch" or roam on the verizon network? I really do not want to switch to verizon.

Thanks in advance!
Jul 11, 2009
$in city (Las Vegas)

to answer your question, I think that it is a no. And to raise another question why cant At&t match or even surpass the nework ov VZW?

If you think about it At&t has had the iPhone rights for the past 3 years or so, and if some people remember back to the first iPhone you also needed to have the 30 dollar iPhone package. well if you do the math and you use your eyes you can see that 50% of americans probably own the iPhone.

and for the 3 years the iPhone was unable to perform the 7 year old MMS service but made the iPhone users pay for that anyway. So to get to the point if 50% of americans pay $30 more a month for 3 years why don't At&t kick the piss out of everyone in cell reception. what did they do with the money?

because we still do not have the 7 year old mms option and At&t says it is because they are afraid that the network is not strong enough.

they should have used the money to make it better or match VZW.


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Dec 12, 2008
What town in Utah? I thought AT&T had pretty good coverage all over Utah. The St. George area has great 3G coverage. The iPhone can't use Verizons network because it lacks a CDMA radio chip. You'll have to use a GSM carrier. If At&t doesn't have service their, I imagine Cellular One doesn't either. If AT&T, cell1, or t-mobile don't have coverage there, you won't be able to use an iPhone.
Jul 11, 2009
$in city (Las Vegas)

I don't know about the 3g coverage in st. george. I was in st. george this saturday. I was driving back from a hunting trip and stopped there to get my oil changed and grab a bite to eat and all my iPhone had was edge.