iPhone hardware issue help

Feb 15, 2009
iPhone internal ear piece problem

Ok long story short my g/f dropped here iPhone in water and killed the screen. Everything worked except for the LCD so I took the phone apart since the warranty was already void and replaced the LCD. Now when I first fired it up after fixing the LCD the back light wouldn't come on so I guess I tricked the sensor by putting my thumb over it and kept switching auto brightness on and off and it fixed the backlight issue. But now the internal headpiece doesn't work and I can't hear people on phone calls. I can hear them on headphones and speakerphone just not on the reg headpiece. And this worked before I replaced the LCD because we tried it. And this isn't the headphone glitch because when I turn the volume up it says ringer not headphone ringer. Anyone know what could of happen? Or know what part of the internals control this? Maybe connector 3 inside went bad? Plus when I do place a call the LCD doesn't dim so I think it's the sensor and doesn't connector 3 on the inside control the sensor and maybe the headpiece? Sorry for being so long but I want to fix this problem and want to give all the background.


Mar 4, 2008
Poor iPhone, I am afraid to tell you that the consequence of water damage is to corrode the contacts and even worse, the circuitry. Your phone is simply showing signs of this and other problems may crop up in the future. The one thing I would recommend at the moment is to take it apart again and clean the ribbon cables and connectors lightly with alcohol (iso-propanol). This might solve the sensor problem. The earpiece probably needs the copper connections cleaned too. All very delicate work my friend and might not make any improvement... water damage is rarely a recoverable problem. If all else fails, these sell very well on the bay for parts/faulty but you must mention the water damage!