iPhone In Europe?


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Jun 7, 2007
It sounds like we are getting it in Q4 but I read an article on Gizmodo (I think) which was talking about it coming out at the end of September as that was the end of Q4 for Apple or something?

Can you just clear up what the ____ they meant? :eek:



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Jun 13, 2007
Didn't the September date come from some Scandinavian company? I don't think any more's been heard of that.

It might take longer than planned because Vodafone don't particularly want it. From what I hear Apple wants to be in control, not realising of course that in Europe the network operators call the shots and most analysts don't predict much demand for the iPhone outside of the US. Voda don't need it cos they're phone range is big enough to ensure they're in top form and O2 don't mind it so much cos the exclusivity of the iPhone for them would be a bonus since they need to secure customers before they can play with the big boys. Unfortunately that makes it more complicated cos a contract with Vodafone would've also sorted deals in many of the other EU countries since they're so expansive.