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Discussion in 'iPhone Jailbreak' started by pwn magnumz, Jul 22, 2015.

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    Just jailbroke my iphone 6 with ios 8.3 and on the 3rd time restarting my phone got stuck at the apple logo screen

    Since then I've restarted it around 5-6 times and the problem has not come up again

    However this is worrying for me since my phone is brand new

    Are there any programs/apps that I can use to check the phone's integrity or logs I can check back to troubleshoot?

    Also, what are the common causes to be stuck at the apple logo screen?
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    My 6 has been fine with TaiG, but on two different occasions my 5s has flashed a bright blue screen while rebooting and one time it went into a boot loop that took three or four cycles to successfully boot out of. Prior to that, it was stuck on the boot logo for about five minutes and unresponsive to hard reset attempts. I'm not sure what caused it, but it hasn't happened since I uninstalled WinterBoard.

    I wouldn't worry about it unless it happens frequently. You can restore if it won't boot and if you can't fix it remotely. It's not going to cause any hardware damage. If you can't restore it for some reason, Apple will honor the warranty and give you a replacement.

    Common causes are incompatible apps. CrashReporter can help you identify them if they cause the phone to crash, but it likely won't be useful if it's just a booting problem.

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