iPhone Internet question

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New Member
Sep 8, 2007
Im considering buying the iPhone but I was wondering if someone who has the iPhone could answer a question for me. What ive heard is that it has bluetooth internet or something like that so you don't need a Wi-Fi hot spot to use it and works anywhere. How much money is that per month on the phone bill? My second question is the internet reliable? Does it hold up at all times or does it often hit a spot with no signal? Im asking this because I am wondering if I can stream something like internet radio without problem while on the go or in the gym or in the car.
If someone could answer these questions for me I would really appreciate it because the internet is what will really tip me in either direction. Thanks in advance :)


Sep 2, 2007
Austin, Tx
It has Edge cellular data in addition to WiFi. Edge is NOT known for being fast. I doubt very much that streaming will go great for you when you are not able to get a WiFi connection, but I don't do much streaming ...