iPhone is dead

Nov 9, 2007
before 1 month i buy iPhone in usa. he was unlocked for other mobile operates (t-mobile). he work perfect and i didn't have any problems with him.


before 2 days i couldnt charge him on wall charger, only with usb on my laptop computer. so i decide to go to Apple store to buy wall changer, and i saw there Bose SoundDock Systems for iPod

and i ask salesman can i put my iPhone on that. he said me yes, many iPhone owners try that, and i put iPhone on that.

when i put my iPhone on bose dock, screen on iPhone become all white and iPhone start acting crazy. i couldnt talk, play music or anything also. i try to restart him lots of times beacuse he is acting crazy. after many times when i restart him, he was COME BACK to normal mode (i was talk, play music..). i notice that iPhone is VERY WARM on camera area and my battery which was full she all gone. he send me a message "repair needed". i put iPhone on usb to recharge him and batery still Was losing energy! I CHECK FILMWARE ON iPhone AND 1.0.2. IS STILL THERE, SO I didn't DO UPDATE TO 1.1.1.

after 1 hour battery all gone and he swhicht off. i can turn him on. i try to recharge him on wall changer and again on usb but still nothing hapend. the battery is empty and he is on usb charger but with no luck. I CANT RECHARGE HIM.
i cant back him to life.

i think he battery or morher board is broken (warm almost hot on motherboard area).

could you please give me advice or help.

i live in croatia and AT&T or iPhone service is not possible to help me.


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Sep 30, 2007
Houston, TX
I agree. It sounds like the Bose Soundock ruined the battery. Many people are making the mistake of using Ipod accessories with the iPhone and they ARE NOT compatible. Even the iPod wall charger should not be used with the iPhone. The guy at the Apple store was wrong.

It seems that the Bose Soundock sent the wrong amount of power to your phone, since it is made for iPod. The reason the phone is working normal and the battery is not charging, is becasue the improper charge fried the battery.

I know that you don't have AT&T or Apple were you are at, but if the phone will not charge or turn on, maybe you could mail it in to Apple, and they could service it? what do you guys on EIC think? The only other alternative I see is trying to replace the battery. If his warranty is already void from unlock status and Apple will not be any help, trying to do a a battery replace is better than a useless iPhone. (I know some of you will say that the battery cannot be replaced, but it can. Replacements are available on the net from sites like this one: http://www.ipodjuice.com/iphone-battery-replacement-products.htm

Hope this helps.