iPhone is Dead


New Member
Aug 4, 2007
I'm new to the forum but have been looking around here since I bought my phone in late July. I have a PC and had a few problems getting Outlook to work properly but it was really no problem because I learned a great deal from this forum.

I plugged my iPhone in yesterday (Apple wall charger) and, within fifteen minutes, the unit overheated to the point you could not hold it. Naturally, I pulled the plug and called Apple Support. They could not have been nicer. The first tech rep, after learning of my problem, bounced me up to the next level and that gentleman asked me all kinds of questions, many about personal saftey regarding the incident. They are overnighting a loaner iPhone and I'm to return mine for repair or replacement. I was very satisfied with the support I received from them. By the way, I recharged an old iPod with the same charging cord and there were no problems.