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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Astribling, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. Astribling

    Astribling Member

    We have an iPhone 4 and my husband's friend decided to turn the passcode lock on. Well when he tried to enter a code too many times it now says "iPhone disabled - connect to itunes" . Is there any way to get back in without doing a restore? And if I do a restore will I lose all info, or will it back up?
    I have tried to doing some searching but I'm finding conflicting answers.

    Thanks for your info!
  2. Europa

    Europa Moderator

    Put it in Recovery Mode and restore on the same computer it is synced with. It will ask for the password if you attempt to restore on a different computer. The backup is still on the computer. You can use it when you restore.
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  4. Astribling

    Astribling Member

    Thanks! So far so good. At least it did let me sync so I could back up all his data. Now I'm waiting for 4.3.3 to download since we had not yet updated. This is taking a while on a slow connection, and I got about 80% downloaded once and it stopped and gave an error. grr. I really wish updates would start up downloading where they left off!

    Anyway thanks for the help!
  5. John Cage

    John Cage New Member

    Hi Europa,

    In our case, it was my daughter's 'friends' trying to break her password on her temporarily unattended phone. There is no way to resolve this short of a full restore? She's worried about losing pictures, her address book, etc. One might think that the Apple folks would have left some option open for those who have a password to defeat this lockdown.
  6. John Cage

    John Cage New Member

    On a similar note, the computer our daughters synced their iphones with is the only itunes computer in the home. Should I install itunes on another computer where when I put it into recovery mode, it will backup only what is on her iphone??? I'm not even "positive" that my daughter's phone has been synced with itunes (we're pretty new to iphones). We do have the password though so... TIA
  7. John Cage

    John Cage New Member

  8. Europa

    Europa Moderator

    John, it's set up this way to protect the user's data. The fix is simple; just connect the device to the computer it is synced with. She synced it at least once (when she activiated it). Once connected, it will ask for the password and unlock it. It shouldn't need to be restored and no data will be lost.


    Syncing it regularly is recommended because it will back up her contacts, media and settings, which will be very useful if she ever needs to restore it. You can not create an iTunes backup on a phone that must be restored. Backups need to be made prior to getting to that point.
  9. John Cage

    John Cage New Member

    Thanks very much for the response. One thing about itunes. Do you happen to know if you can have multiple accounts on the same itunes program. I'm guessing you can but it didn't seem very intuitive where adding another account was concerned.
  10. iByron

    iByron Member

    I don't think so, I just made my wife another Windows account and she syncs that way but to my knowledge you can't
  11. John Cage

    John Cage New Member

    This whole having to restore when someone locks up your phone is a joke and Apple should take steps to build a better system. "friends" of my daughter tried to crack her password when they got a hold of her phone and ended up locking the phone up where it wouldn't even sync with itunes. There should be some keyed sequence just with the phone itself where the actual owner who knows the password can take control of their phone back with that known-to-user password. I've heard the "you only hafta" this and that advice and in the end, it's a tremendous amount of needless work where data is lost needlessly. All because Apple could but apparently won't, build this into their system. I don't know if another option exists so I'll throw it out here - an "administrator" password. Knowing what I know now about the Iphone, I'm going to advocate that my daughter NOT password protect her phone again. Because if she does and this history repeats itself, we're down a phone again. If she does not password her phone, the possibility is there that someone can add a password if they get a hold of her phone and that would be where the admin password would come into play - they cannot add a password unless they know the admin password to approve the phone change. Apple store in Spokane proved to be less than helpful by the way. Apparently even the experts can't save a phone from 'restore' when someone has attempted to crack a password enough times where they locked up the phone. My kids thought they liked Iphones. Seems that we've had a rash of problems lately with them (with this particular post being the worst example). Speaking for myself, I'll stay with my non-Iphone for a while.

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