iPhone keyboard glitch?


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Aug 17, 2007
I had a Power Support Crystal Film Set for iPhone on my phone for almost as long as I oxned the thing(since mid August), but last night I decided to take it off. (It had been quite used, and was starting to become quite unattractive looking) I was going to put on the second one that came in the pack, but after discovering that it had warped (I moved and it was loose in a box full of misc items) I took it off and put back on the first one.

I sat down to use Safari, only to discover I could no longer press the "@123, ., /, .com, or Go" buttons. I tapped around a bit and all the other buttons work but the bottom row. I quickly checked other apps, and I can no longer send SMS messages (as I can't bring up the keyboard by tapping inside the text area), or use the volume slider in the iPod feature etc etc.

When I do try and press these buttons the keyboard respnds by activating the button just above it (Shift instead of @123 on Safari, etc etc). I did a full restore, and updated my firmware to 1.1.1 and this problem still persists. I no longer have a crystal film on my phone, but I still cannot get these buttons to work!

Unfortunately I didn't get Applecare for my iPhone (it seems whatever I own that isn't insured seems to break) so I'm trying every possible option before I call Apple and send the phone back to them. (I had jailbroken the phone and had several additional apps installed, but they have been removed in the wipe/ update.) Anyone know of anything that might fix this, or any reason why it may have happened?


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Jun 30, 2007
If you could give us the readers digest version and use a paragraph now and again maybe somebody could help you. This is too painful to read.