iPhone lock cant use itunes to restore

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by mv740, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. mv740

    mv740 New Member

    Ok so the iPhone I bought used of course has a passcode that wont let me use iphone/itunes I try the restore iphone but cant find it on itunes so im stuck, here what the error says when opening itunes on my pc "iTunes could not connect to the iPhone "LoOnY's iPhone" because it is locked with a passcode. You must enter your passcode on the iphone before it can be used with itunes" Some how itunes does have the restore option or cant read my iphone its says "iphone is disabled connect to itunes" on my iphone screen I try reinstall uninstall u name it nada please help ty for your time
  2. diesel

    diesel New Member

    Call the guy that you bought it from and demand the passcode...........assuming that you really did buy it.............
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  4. gts

    gts New Member

    Did you try a rest on the phone, hold the top on and off switch and the round button on the front for 15 sec or so, it will go to black show the apple logo, then don't do anything for a bit and it will restart / reset the phone. It should rest the code as well. I think.
  5. welshraver

    welshraver New Member

    i just tried to reset phone using that method still goes in2 same
  6. saige1r

    saige1r Member

    You sure you didn't buy a stolen phone? I would think most people selling legit phones would wipe all data before handing it off to the buyer... Just saying.
  7. jmp316

    jmp316 Evangelist

    Sounds fishy to me as well.. Get a hold of the person you bought the phone from and ask for the password. Should be that simple. I don't think there is any way else to crack the password or reset it.
  8. Just make sure you read the forum guidelines, notably rule #31:

    No discussion of overriding the password lock system due to obvious connections to illegal activity. Your thread will be deleted and there is a good chance you'll receive an infraction.

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  9. Woofus

    Woofus Member

    "Hello, LoOnY? I need the passcode to the iPhone that you sold me, or an immediate refund."

    Thank you for your support.
  10. tammywilson

    tammywilson New Member

    The same thing is happened with me and I got very upset when I unable to access itunes and this is due to the same stuff we are discussing here that is iphone lock and I am figuring out the way to do it and I think, if I ask service provider then they will definitely going to provide me with the lock code.

  11. saige1r

    saige1r Member

    I'm sorry but the lock is there for a
    reason: to prevent unauthorized people from using the phone. If u bought a phone that's locked and the seller won't help u, my bet is that it was stolen. I doubt the AT&T store will help and honestly I hope they don't. Sorry for ya but I am a bit biased because I know people that had their phones stolen.
  12. tammywilson

    tammywilson New Member

    Hi, Saige your point is right and it can be a reason, as if you bought the phone from a particular shop and they dont know what is the issue behind this then, they have not provided you the iphone from an original center, just due to such reasons I am not buying an iphone but, I will buy from some reputed store.
  13. mikewbennett

    mikewbennett New Member

    phone needs restore but cant enter passcode

    I am having this same problem but my phone for sure is not stolen. I recently updated to the iphone 4.0.1 update and then a day later it froze up on me. I turned the phone off and on and it had the "connect to Itunes logo" error message... then the message pops up, Restore Needed iPhone cannot make or recieve calls. Restore from Itunes... When i hit the info button it says "IMEI: UNKNOWN ICCID: UNKNOWN"
    before it froze up i had a passcode to lock it. So now whenever I connect to iTunes to restore it gives me the error that I need to unlock the phone before iTunes can connect. Completely frustrating. It started acting weird before it froze up like it lost signal where I know I always have great signal. lost data connection and it was searching... this all happened then it just went black, the silver apple popped up for about 3 minutes then the "connect to iTunes" logo. PLEASE HELP!

    btw, i leave it connected to iTunes and the phone about every 5 minutes restarts on its own. dont know if this is a programmed thing or a sign of something else being wrong.
  14. mikewbennett

    mikewbennett New Member

    I just got back from the apple store. here is what they did. first plug the phone into your computer with iTunes running, then you do a forced reboot which is hold the lock and home screen button down for about 10 seconds. once it turns off, power it back on and as soon as the apple logo appears hold down the home screen button while it boots back up. This forces the iPhone to boot in recovery mode. then iTunes will then be able to connect to the phone and u can restore. BTW u people that think fishy or stolen iPhone cause someone cant type in the pass code..... there is always ways to get around it. so withholding info on here cause you think you are doing something good..... there is always someone else who will tell how to do it.
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  15. mikewbennett

    mikewbennett New Member

    and if you want to delete my account and my posts whatever. I really dont care. I got my phone fixed and im good to go.

    BTW, if a person owns something so expensive and its so important to the person, SECURE your crap. otherwise I don't think a person deserves to own something so expensive.
  16. kisstine

    kisstine Zealot

    You've been a member of this forum for two days and you're calling people names? Maybe follow your own advice and keep your comment to yourself if it's not helpful.
  17. mikewbennett

    mikewbennett New Member

    I am sorry about that. I was just seriously frustrated that people weren't being helpful. I had to go wait in an apple store for 4 hours only to find out it was something so simple that I could have done from my own home. will edit. but I doubt I will even have an account here much longer seeing as how it is apparently against forum rules to discuss passcode issues.
  18. nr1985

    nr1985 New Member


    **** all these fags

    connect phone itunes will tell u to put in password.. blah blah **** apple blah blah then Hold both action button and lock button for about six seconds phone should turn off release lock button but keep holdin action .. your phone should go into recovery mode.. whaaaala! itunes will tell u to restore both ... must be connected to internet
  19. fearofnormalcy

    fearofnormalcy Evangelist

    Why don't you take your homophobic, narrow minded comments elsewhere? It's ignoramuses such as yourself that ruin forums such as this one. At the very least, open up a thesaurus and learn some new insults to hurl.

    Mods: Sorry for interjecting, but I couldn't sit back and keep quiet on this one. Literally had me seeing red. You guys do a great job policing the board, but I'm a believer in the "it takes a village" philosophy. I love this forum, and won't sit quietly when someone attacks someone's race, sexual preference, gender or religion.
  20. Infraction issued.

    And fearofnormalcy, your use of the term "ignoramuses" is offensive to ignoramuses such as myself.
  21. fearofnormalcy

    fearofnormalcy Evangelist

    Naps, you take sarcasm to a whole new epic level.

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