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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Ocala, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. Ocala

    Ocala New Member

    I'm not a teck savvy person, but I was wondering if it would be possible to increase the available memory of the iphone via an ipod (30 Gig for example) that could be put into an integrated case and connected via the docking port. Or for that matter, a dedicated drive made to mate with the iphone.

    The dimensions of the ipod are only 4.1 x 2.4 x 0.43, so this thickness, plus the case, would still be less than my Motorola i605 brick.

    Any thoughts?

    PS - I'm glad for once that I live in a small town with 2 AT&T stores and lots of older people!
  2. wjp09

    wjp09 Zealot

    I don't think they would increase memory without first releasing a new iphone.
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  4. spacerog

    spacerog New Member

    It is highly unlikely that any sort of external memory will be made available. The only connector available will be the Dock connnector. If no one has made external storage for the iPod yet then they aren't going to make it for the iPhone either. Sorry.

    I suspect that 8GB will be more than enough. Remember it is not the size of the boat but the motion in the ocean!

    - SR
  5. Ocala

    Ocala New Member

    Thanks for the reply!

    Actually I mean for people that ALREADY have an Ipod, NOT as a modification of the Iphone. Kind of like an external hard drive.
  6. Spin This!

    Spin This! New Member

    That's a great analogy... it even ryhmes!
  7. jtlax3

    jtlax3 New Member

    what would be the point of using the iPod as an external hard drive when your computer is essentially already one? And if you use a laptop then it is a portable, external hard drive and the iPhone comes with the connector cord! :)
  8. spacerog

    spacerog New Member

    Exactly! And if your desktop/laptop is at home connected to the Internet? Can you say remote iTunes synching? I thought so! You don't need gobs of memory. Need more tunes while on the road? Just synch and download some new ones from home or your online iTunes account.

    - SR
  9. Ocala

    Ocala New Member

    Thanks as always for the reply....

    Wow! My head is starting to spin around!

    I don't mean to use the Iphone as an external hard drive for a computer.

    I mean to use an IPOD as an external hard drive for the IPHONE!

    This way, you'll have an IPHONE with 30 Gig of storage. I understand this is not neccessary, but as more applications are developed, the desire for more storage will be there.

    I WILL buy the phone on the 29th, this is just an item of curiosity
  10. jtlax3

    jtlax3 New Member

    and I am saying why stop at using your 30gb iPod as an external HD when your 80gb, 120gb, or 160gb MacBook will essentially do the same thing...provide more storage on the go.
  11. spacerog

    spacerog New Member

    But the applications are all web based! Your only going to have a small subset of your music actually on the phone at any given time, the rest will be a sync away. The only thing you will need memory for on the phone itself will probably be email, contacts, the occasional ring tone, etc... 8GB is a hell of a lot of email and contacts.

    By comparision most other Smart phones have memory in the MB! Nokia N95 (160MB), BlackJack(64MB), Blackberry(64MB), Treo (128MB). Granted they can all be expanded by MicroSD cards but the biggest card your likely to find these days is only 2GB. Yes, 8GB cards exist but good luck finding one.

    Memory is not going to be an issue on the iPhone, at least not for a while anyway.

    - SR
  12. Ocala

    Ocala New Member

    THANKS!! I never understood that the apps wouldn't be residing on the phone!
  13. JnC

    JnC New Member

    It would be rather cumbersome. Velcro 2 iPods together, put it in your pocket, and see how practical it would be to lug around. ;)

    Once the iPhone is released I fully expect it will be disassembled quickly and shown on the internet. Depending on the number and type of Flash chips, it might be possible to double the internal storage. If so, expect to see a couple of places pop up that offer to mod your iPhone.
  14. theswami

    theswami New Member

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