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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Flyinb, Jul 9, 2007.

  1. Flyinb

    Flyinb New Member

    Its not a true MMS however you can email a picture from your IPhone to any att phone by sending it to tendigitnumber@mms.att.net

    TMobile by "tendigitnumber@tmobile.com

    not sure about other carriers
  2. Platinum

    Platinum New Member

    Yep, this is what I have been doing.. works well.
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  4. prolix21

    prolix21 Member

    now if we could just receive them! (besides using email)
  5. ccr78

    ccr78 New Member

    Does anyone know the email address for other carriers?
  6. aggieman

    aggieman Zealot

  7. ccr78

    ccr78 New Member

  8. wjp09

    wjp09 Zealot

    all tell @messeage.alltell.com
    att @mms.att.net
    tmovile @tmomail.net
    verizon @vzwpix.com
  9. wjp09

    wjp09 Zealot

    Those are all xxx-xxx-xxxx@ whatever
  10. jjvaldez

    jjvaldez New Member

    just tried it this is so cool.... thanks!!!
  11. R1 Kid

    R1 Kid Member

  12. wjp09

    wjp09 Zealot

    no dashes needed. That is just how ppl break up phone numbers

    123 456 7890 ETC are the same number
  13. ben1380

    ben1380 New Member

    No dashes.

    Has anyone had issues sending a pic message to a verizon phone from their Yahoo email? I get SMTP 550 errors. I can send from my gmail account fine.
  14. dsuppa

    dsuppa New Member

    This is so helpful, Great Info will definetely hold me over until Apple updates the software to MMS.
  15. TrippalHealicks

    TrippalHealicks New Member

    Glad to see someone is taking this information as a good thing, and not mouthing off about how much their vagina hurts when they have to manually type an MMS address in, one time. (save it to your contact list, fools)

  16. Hondamaker

    Hondamaker Genius

    Can someone send them to the iPhone using the same format -- tendigitnumber@mms.att.net ?
  17. BWGrapher

    BWGrapher New Member

    You don't need dash. Just use ten digit number.
    However, you can't send mms to iphone user with this method.
    I already tried with my gf, but I couldn't get the message.
  18. greenjbhsd

    greenjbhsd Member

    Here is what I have on my list:

    US Based Carriers:

    Alltel = xxxxxxxxxx@message.alltel.com
    AT&T = xxxxxxxxxx@mms.att.net
    Boost Mobile = xxxxxxxxxx@myboostmobile.com
    Cingular (AT&T) = xxxxxxxxxx@mms.mycingular.com
    Einstein PCS = xxxxxxxxxx@einsteinmms.com
    Sprint = xxxxxxxxxx@messaging.sprintpcs.com
    T-Mobile = xxxxxxxxxx@tmomail.net
    US Cellular = xxxxxxxxxx@mms.uscc.net
    Verizon Wireless = xxxxxxxxxx@vzwpix.com
    Virgin Mobile = xxxxxxxxxx@vmobl.com

    I hate receiving them. The manner in which this phone handles them (that legacy website) is appalling.
  19. Matthill07

    Matthill07 New Member

    does anyone know of a way that other non iphone users can send pictures without having email applications...like can they just send a MMS to your ##########@mms.att.net? or is there some other way out there
  20. tdefriez

    tdefriez New Member

    Its also a way not pay for SMS messages over the limit

    Why are we all fools - SMS and MMS messages are just emails - we have no limit on these but the providers think we are fools and charge us if we text or MMS but they are just using the internet and email to do this.
  21. rbaron

    rbaron Member

    I am a little confused...... you take a picture with your iPhone. It gets stored in a "folder" named camera roll.

    So you then send the picture to tendigitnumber@mms.att.net the tendigitnumber I assume is the phone number of the person you want to send the picture to att phone number. Yes?

    So how do you attach the picture to the message? Please help because I really think Apple should have made it so you could send an attachment to anyone via email.

    Thanks all.........

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