iPhone Navigation on RoadTrips


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Aug 6, 2007
I just got back from Arizona where I viewed the Grand Canyon, visited folks in Phoenix and headed back home to Los Angeles using nothing but my iPhone and it's native Maps application.

Color me surprised, but I had 4 bars 99.9% of the time while in the California and Arizona deserts. The only time I lost reception was in a house while visiting a small town called Chino Valley, and even then I picked up on someone's wifi and was still able to browse.

Battery life was very good, it included listening to a couple albums and watching a few 30 minute episodes. I made calls also, but they weren't very long, more like a few minutes just to let people know we were on our way.

As far as maps are concerned they were all very accurate and up to date. By reading the road signs we were passing, I found it relatively easy to pinpoint our location on the map. The only hiccup in the process was EDGE loading new map tiles, other than that it was dead simple. One cool thing about finding your location on the map is making that your new starting point and having the Map Application tally the miles that are remaining to reach your destination.

On the way back we ran in to traffic, we had accurate reports whilst in metropolitan cities, however the stretch from outside Phoenix to Redlands wasn't covered. It was a shame, because there was a ton of traffic from Palm Springs to Redlands.

Lastly, we took a GPS with us just to be safe, and I'm happy to say it was never turned on the entire trip :)

I've always found my iPhone to be a great device, but now I find it to also be a great value. It wasn't cheap, and I've waited a long time for this phone to prove it's worth, I'm glad it accomplished that feat, most electronics never do.

Pics from my iPhone

edit - I had no idea iPhoto interpolates the iPhone photos. They never seemed that large when xferring them from my PC.
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Nov 13, 2007
Lakeland, FL
Good to hear you had a safe/fun trip. Those pics turned out amazing! Seems like the iPhone is surprising people left and right. Im just waiting to go on my next road trip to see how it preforms....


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Sep 25, 2007
I love the maps. I live in a small town with not much to do. I never really traveled much so I don't even know roads that close around me. Seeing as there is nothing to do me and my girl often just take roads and see where they go. Its great piece of mind to know that all I have to do to get home is get an address of something close to me, type it in and boom. Directions home. Although GPS would make it so much faster. And sometimes on road trips the time getting the directions could make you miss your exit. Gps would simply make finding your starting point a lot faster.


Aug 2, 2007
Maps has gotten me Found on more than 1 occasion. I have a GPS unit built into my car, but the software and info is from prior to 2001, so there is a whole area where a friend of mine lives (ass-end of Space) that wasn't there 6 years ago - at least according to the GPS, but I found our way easily enough with Google maps on my phone.
It's even better when you can get a street number of where you are at and where you are going and get turn by turn directions on the fly.
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Sep 18, 2007
this is definitely one of my favorite functions on the iPhone.

i live in the suburbs of Houston and used to never drive into the 'city' by myself until about a year or two ago(i'm only 19 :p). anyway i used to have to catch rides with my friends to go to downtown shows because 1. i didn't know downtown at all and 2. it's scary at night not knowing where to go >_<. anyway this became a problem when my friends weren't going to the concerts so i had to drive. the few times i used google maps printouts was a disaster ; ;. i would eventually get to my destination but when it was time to go home it was much harder(maps are really hard to read while trying to drive, figure out which direction to go, and actually drive all at once XD).

thank goodness for my iPhone! my first trip downtown with it was a breeze. it easily mapped out my directions and checkpointed where i had already been. also, when you have to park in a different place from the venue, it's a REALLY big help since then you can just move the map around and figure out how to navigate it.

i love this feature :)
i love my iPhone :D