iPhone NOT picking up Wi-Fi network Internationally

May 20, 2009
Hey, I'm here in Quito Ecuador and am having a hell of a time trying to connect my iPhone to a wi-fi network. Even though my mac book pro picks up the router 'off the bat', my iPhone doesn't recognize ANY of the networks available.

When I go to settings--Wi-Fi, my Wi-Fi button is blue, ON.

It doesn't list the networks available underneath the 'Choose a network' text.

I have manually inputted the router name after clicking on the 'Other' text, but the dialogue pops up, "Unable to connect to network".

I've been all over the forums about this. One guy had the same problem when he dropped his phone in the toilet (water damage).

I don't think I have that problem--meaning, I've not gotten my iPhone wet.

I DID turn off Data Roaming, to save on phone bill costs.

I've reset a couple of times. Nuthin.

I've even gone into the Settings -- General -- Reset -- Reset Network Settings.


Any ideas?


New Member
Mar 15, 2009
Check the IP Address via blue arrow after the network name. If the IP address shows 169.XXX.X.X I think its a dummy. Correct me if I'm wrong someone...

But to fix it turn off your phone, and reset the network router then turn it back on. It may or may not work. Try searching wifi problem on the search bar at the top!