iPhone not Syncing with Outlook 2003

Discussion in 'Windows PC and iPhone' started by paigeboyer, Jul 7, 2007.

  1. paigeboyer

    paigeboyer New Member

    Help! I spent an hour with apple and 3 hours with microsoft and no one can tell me why my iPhone won't sync with outlook.

    I bought 2 iPhones and have Outlook 2003 on 2 different computers. One works fine. The other will not sync (newer dell computer). The com add ins keeps unchecking the iTunes sync box or it gives a fatal error message and puts the iTunes sync com in the disabled area.

    I have removed iTunes and Outook twice and reloaded and still the same problem. I finally moved my contacts to the windows address book and set up mail manually, but I don't have any options for the calender. This is really frustrating, especially when it works fine on the other computer, which is an older HP.

    Both are operating Windows XP, same iTunes, same Outlook, same viris/spam...Help, I think I am going crazy!
  2. thedwp

    thedwp New Member

    The quickest way to fix your problem is to go to the Apple store and by a MAC. --Problem Solved-- ;)
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  4. paigeboyer

    paigeboyer New Member

    I agree, but....

    Yeah, I did order a Mac Laptop, should be here by Tuesday, but still think the product should work as advertised....and why does it work on one and not the other? Now it is a mission to find out what is going on!
  5. Popdevil

    Popdevil New Member

    I had the same issue. You need to go to help/about office/disabled. Enable and the check box will stay.
  6. Popdevil

    Popdevil New Member

    give me a break.
  7. JnC

    JnC New Member

    A suggestion was made in another thread to add iTunes to the DEP.
  8. Hippie Chick 1129

    Hippie Chick 1129 New Member

    Outlook 2003 definitely not syncing to my i Phone

    It appears that I suffering from the same problem as many. From the hour on the phone, all the way to the error messages.

    Have you found any solutions at all? I am completely stuck and getting rather frustrated.

    If anyone can please help me I would be eternally grateful :laugh2:

    Hippie Chick
  9. bigmac

    bigmac Member

    any luck getting outlook to sync calenders? This very fustrating!!!!:mad:
  10. cabinets

    cabinets Member

    Exactly what I did!:laugh2:
  11. In2Deep

    In2Deep New Member

    I'm on a new Dell computer as well, XP Pro, Outlook 2003, iTunes, Norton Antiviruns... no problems. Syncs every time.
  12. gkreed

    gkreed New Member

    Any solutions yet? I am having the same problem. WIndows XP, Outlook, and my calendar will not sync. The contacts are syncing fine. I have checked the COM ADD-ins and the disabled. I have all the up to date softwares.

    Any advice?
  13. impaler

    impaler Member

    I'm having similar issues...Outlook 2003, XP Pro, iTunes, and contacts sync beautifully but no dice on the calendar. Anyone had success here?
  14. morpheus

    morpheus New Member

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  15. JnC

    JnC New Member

    iTunes 7.3.2

    Folks, there was a new version of iTunes that just came out today: 7.3.2. It's supposed to fix some bugs. Install it and see if it addresses any of your sync issues with outlook.
  16. gkreed

    gkreed New Member

    Worked for me! Hope it works for you!
  17. impaler

    impaler Member

    Oh, I really hope it works! Glad it worked for a few. This is the only point of true annoyance I have with my awesome iPhone.
  18. Lisa Meredith

    Lisa Meredith New Member

    I hear your frustration! have not been able to sync my iPhone #G with my Outlook 2003 ever since I upgraded to the latest version of iTunes. I have spent about 5 hours with Apple support folks and as many hours with my company IT folks. The first fix, to upgrade to service pack 3 (from 2) did not fix the problem. I've also checked that the appropriate DLL files are installed. I've reinstalled iTunes, and reset the sync history. Still, I am back in prehistoric land printing my calendar on paper so that I don't end up late to meetings because the information is on my phone etc. I have been so busy that I can't get back to try something else very quickly and so it has been months. I hope someone has a solution! It makes me want to decline updates as something always gets messed-up when new software is introduced...
  19. Lisa Meredith

    Lisa Meredith New Member

    Buying new equipment is NOT the answer.

    Easy to say but I don't think buying a new computer addresses the fact that I was a very happy camper with my iPhone and PC communicating successfully for the 17 months I've had my iPhone. I did not change my PC...what changed is iTunes! I'm all for progress but if it takes you back in time, what is the point?
  20. GailLA

    GailLA Member

    Lisa, what version of windows do you have? If it is Windows 7, do you have the 64-bit version? You are not the only one who had Outlook sync stop working for when iTunes 9.1 came out. Apple still doesn't admit there is a problem.

    There is a work around if you don't mind setting up a calendar with google, syncing outlook to that and then syncing your google calendar to the phone. I prefer to do that anyway because then my calendar is available on the Web, my iPhone and my iPad.
  21. Lisa Meredith

    Lisa Meredith New Member

    Thanks for the tip...

    However, I am on Windows XP. Do you know if the workaround will work with that version?

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