iPhone on New/Shared Computer?

the computer that i originally synched my iPhone on is beyond repair with virus/malware plus it's 5 years old and too slow...

my question is while I'm debating if I buy another PC or move up to world of Mac's, I was going synch iPhone with my daughters computer...all my info is in iPhone but nothing is backed up and I'm afraid if the phone stops working I'll lose my iTunes library..

I stopped at local Apple store and explained my dilemma...the girl at the Genius Bar said that I can't import my iTunes library into another computer because of copyright laws..is she right?
May 30, 2009
Dunedin, New Zealand
I've never had that problem, My iPhone imports to my PC and my dad's (waay better music lol) When you plug it in, it should pop up saying, Merge Library's, Then it will copy everything over to your daughters Laptop.

Hope I helped :D
Thanks for input NinjaLikesCheese...

Question #2: how do I put my Bookmarks and Contacts in my daughters computer without putting her Bookmarks and Contacts back into my iPhone when Synching?