iPhone Organizer apps

Mar 7, 2007
i keep look at this iPhone and checking for updates, but i forget that its a smart phone and in my opinion, should hold up to that. Do you think there will be planner apps, maybe a finance app. to keep track of expenses like palm, or other apps of that sort? i mean i know theres a calendar, but all phones have that.
Who knows...

I don't know. It seems like a lot of people/tech reviewers are saying it's not a "smart phone," so it may not be like other palms, treos, or blackberries(ys?), that are geared and configured for work. Not much help, I know:).
Mar 19, 2007
you may be able to download one. Apple has said they made it interactive and touchscreen for a reason, so that it could be easily updated in the future. A big market they are trying to reach with the phone is businesss owners and the like, so I'm sure there may be something on there.
Aug 5, 2008
reQall is a great tool

after some digging, i found a great app for planning and organizing. pretty cool that you can use voice, IM, email, etc. you can get it free at www.reqall.com and download it from the app store. I'm having fun with it so far and really liking giving my friends "to-dos" with it! :laugh2: