iPhone Owner Review Thread


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Jun 16, 2007
if you have one, you lucky *$&@#% haha jk, would you mind posting your honest opinion and review for the unlucky ones :(?

please post only if you own and iPhone and are reviewing or giving your opinion of it


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Jun 15, 2007
Sorry to ask such a newb question, but what is the best way to confirm EDGE speeds?

in my thread i basically just asked people to time how many seconds it takes to open up 4 popular websites, see my thread here:

i hope to just compile the data from as many people as possible to give an average speed for a website to open. Im doing this because i just don't like those objective measures, they don't really tell me anything
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Jun 18, 2007
Just got mine awhile ago and think it's great... I slight bit heavier and larger than I expected, but it is an amazing device.

Typing is pretty simple and already I can type as fast as I did on my treo. I haven't tested the EDGE speed, but it's not a big deal to me.. I wanted the wifi and it works quite well.

Was hoping for top notch phone reception, but it's about the same signal strength as was the Treo, which is not the best, but then again it doesn't have the external or extended antenna.

Camera is very good.. for a 2mp cell phone camera. All applications run very fast and screen is incredible.

Paired up easily with my plantronics 655 bluetooth headset.

I was 9th in line, out of 50 at my ATT store, and when the first wave of 10 people entered the store and started purchasing the AT&T puchasing sytem crashed.. hahaha.. We had to wait almost 30 minutes before they we able to get the sytem to take credit cards again.

I like it very much and would stand in line again to purchase one.