iPhone receives some email but not all

Sep 14, 2009
Hi everyone,

I'm having a intriguing problem with an iPhone - trying to set it up for my Dad before he goes away
tomorrow so would love some help with this.

So, the iPhone can send emails with no problems. However, it can't always receive them. Mostly an email all arrive in my Dad's inbox on his pc (he uses ms outlook 2007 connected to ms exchange) but will not go to the iPhone. Other times, but more rarely, the email will go to the iPhone (on POP) but when this happens the email doesn't show up in outlook.

Any thoughts? Would be awesome to be able to fix it for him, thanks so much if you can help.

The Student
Mar 22, 2008
try using imap instead of pop. depending on the server the mail get deleted when using pop. Actually, why not just use exchange support on the iPhone?