iPhone repairing centre !


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Jul 30, 2014
Hi there! Few days ago I was having problem in my iPhone 5 .
1: no service (even after switching it off and on again )
2: when I scroll the page while reading it the page automatically back to the top !
Some time freeze !or hang !
I took it to Apple authorised repairing centre ( Mongkok HK ) they repaired and gave back with saying now ok !
It was ok for few months and again same problem !
My phone is under warranty . I took it to the Apple Store ( IFC tower HK ) at my appointment day & time ! The staff took my phone and asked me to wait .
After few minuets a guy came to me with my iphone5 he gave me back my phone with saying we can't repair it !
I asked why ?
He said because your phone is modified by an unauthorised ! Or repaired by out side repairing shop .
I was shocked !!
How come ? I never been to any shop to repair my phone ! And why ll I go there I have warranty !!! Why should I ????
Then the guy called the manager
And manager said the same things about modifying it ! He said I saw your phone and it's modified we can't help you !!!
So embarrassing while listening the managers saying !
Well I just go out from there with a lots of embarrassment !!!!!
Then I tried to reach Apple online support !
I told the whole story they advised me to going back at the first repairing centre where I been before And ask them !!
At next day I went there with 0 expectation .they asked me if I went to other store to repair it ! I said yes and told them the story too !!!
The staff checked if under warranty then asked me to sign that if your phone modified out side u must pay HK $ 780 only for checking !!!! I ask how can I believe you guys ?
They said we are authorised from Apple !
I signed it because I was sure that I never repaired my phone out side !
On next day noon I called them and asked about my phone ! They replied your phone have hardware problem so we replace with new phone you can come and take !!!

Just wondering if it happened with some one else too or only with me ?
And second thing is !!!!
Tell me if the technician and the manager at ( IFC tower HK ) deserve their jobs ??

Thanks in advance