iPhone restore issue ?

Dec 14, 2007
iPhone restore issue ?

i Believe I crashed my iPhone, it was working about two day ago (working great) in CANADA fido .. then as a dumb azz I was playing around. anyhow factory default Restore started and finish loading .... now all is locked and I am SOL.... I paid huge to get the phone setup last time ...

i dug up this information using search...

iPhone Restore File

Does anyone know where the iPhone restore file gets stored when downloaded from iTunes?
C:\Documents and Settings\********\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates

******** the user name of the login you are on... oh and you need to have hidden files showing... tools,folder options,view uncheck hide hidden folders

MY question is can I find a file on my computer and reload what was the best looking and setup iPhone in the world !.....

can I use a compputer restore ... computer restore of file(s) to use the SHIFT and RESTORE ... to bring back this iPhone ?

thanking you in advance for your help ....