iPhone Ringtones?

Oct 8, 2007
as i have just realized, my previously purchased music could be made into a ringtone for my phone. When i finally went on to creating it, it said that the song could no longer be converted into a ringtone. Is there some secret time limit on the songs or is Slightly Stoopid just not working as ringtones?


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Jul 16, 2007
I am having the same problem that you just mentioned, however, I am having it with multiple artists and songs downloaded at different times.

Why can't we make ringtones?


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Sep 8, 2007
Sunny Florida
I also had some trouble when I had to reinstall iTunes. None of my previously purchased music had the little bells by them. I wanted to make a ringtine of Rockstar. So I thought I was screwed. Then I bought the rest of the Nickleback album and then all the new and previously purchased music's little bells suddenly appeared!
I do not know of my story will help you, but I also had ringtone problems.


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Oct 8, 2007
I put my custom ringtone into iPhone through SSH and WinSCP.. iTunes 7.4.12 (look for it at filehippo.com)

On iPhone: Install BSD package, openSSH, services (use to turn off wifi, egde, and SSH. b/c if SSH on all the time, it will drain your battery very quick) from installer.

On windows: download and install WinSCP version 4.0.4 is newest i think(somewhere on the net, search..) Make sure that you choose the NORTON interface in the installation process

To use this method, make sure you have WIFI in your house!

1) Now, connect your iPhone to your home wifi. After connected, click on the blue arrow on the right of your wifi network, and write down the IP address.

2) Back to setting menu, choose general, auto lock, and choose NEVER

3) press the home button on iPhone, then choose Services, and make sure that SSH is ON

4) Checking: Wifi -> ON, SSH -> ON, Auto Lock -> NEVER

5) On your computer open WinSCP

6) Enter host name, this will be the IP address that you wrote down earlier from your iPhone

7) Username: root

8) Password: dottie

9) File protocol: SCP

10) Click Login (1st time it will ask you something.. click Yes)

11) Now it will open a windows look like explorer, on the left is your computer files, and on the right is the iPhone files (cool huh?...)

12) On the iPhone window (right) double click on the folder that has ".." next to it twice, and you will be on the <root> system of the iPhone


Click the drop box just above the iPhone window and choose /<root>

13) Now, Double click LIBRARY > RINGTONES, and woalla iPhone ringtones..

14) Now you just have to find ringtones on the left (your computer windows) and copy it over to the right. You can either copy MP3 or M4A. no wma, or m4r, those wont work

*NOTE* when you use this method, these ringtones WILL NOT be deleted even you sync with iTunes. If you want to delete, use this method to delete it!

*NOTE* after you done, remember to turn off SSH in your iPhone through the Services program that you install earlier!