iPhone Safari shutting down repeatedly

Discussion in 'iOS Software' started by megha, Jul 3, 2007.

  1. megha

    megha New Member

    The first two days safari was working fine, with hours and hours of web surfing, since yesterday I have been observing that the safari and now the google maps application shut down in about 30 secs.

    Anyone else experience the same problem, I think I'll have to go to the genius bar at the Apple store or return this iPhone.
  2. jbaraga

    jbaraga Member

    I had some issues with my browser crashing repeatedly, so I turned the phone off, turned it back on, and the performance has been MUCH better.

    Just in case you aren't sure of how to do it: Hold down the sleep/wake button on top until it prompts you to slide the button on the screen to shut down. Give it a few seconds, then push the sleep/wake button again to turn the iPhone back on.

    I've read other posts around here from people who have had similar problems, and it seems like the majority have found relief by doing a restart.
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  4. irondentist

    irondentist New Member

    Thanks, I tried this and it really works. Someone previously suggested to clear the cache and cookies, that solution does NOT work.
  5. themattman

    themattman New Member

    I think this problem occurs the iPhone has a weak connection with the wireless or EDGE. The iPhone tends to disconnect when it loses a signal.
  6. matyb2233

    matyb2233 New Member

    Hello, I am having the same problems but if you re-start the iPhone will it delete all the contacts?
  7. 818 drinker

    818 drinker New Member

    No, I wont delete anything.

    But I having a lot of trouble with you tube videos failing now. 1st day it was all fine now about 50/50 it will play.
  8. wjp09

    wjp09 Zealot

    yeah happens to me too
  9. osiris24x

    osiris24x New Member

    Yup, happens to me too occasionally, depending on the website. I'm sure Safari will improve greatly as Apple releases updates over the next few months. :)
  10. kidapollo

    kidapollo New Member

    could video be the problem?

    I've noticed that safari quits on sites that feature embedded video or flash ... for example a blog with the first several entries that have only photos starts to load fine, but if there is a video embedded into an entry further down the page, safari poops out when it gets that far.

    At least when you start safari back up it seems to remember the page you were looking at, so you don't have to follow the same links or re-enter an address to get there.
  11. mactigger

    mactigger New Member

    Please say weeks and not months. :oops:

    I am 100% behind the iPhone but we really do need an update quickly to keep the confidence of the general public.
  12. citris_soda

    citris_soda New Member

    I notice frequent crashes in Safari as well. I also notice that there are some web pages that will not load (or never complete the load) (cnet.com is an example) and some that seem to load just fine. I often have problems loading Apple.com! (yahoo.com, google.com/news, nytimes.com, foxnews.com all seem to load fine and quickly). My guess is that there are issues with memory management and some plug-in data types
  13. anteaterx

    anteaterx New Member

    I have the same problem, which is why I came here on the first place.
    It's both safari and maps, both seem to shut down after a few minutes of using them. The data isn't the problem, considering I am about three feet away from my router. Did not try restarting it yet though, will attempt that now.
  14. citris_soda

    citris_soda New Member

    I do find that if I turn the iPhone off and then on - it loads better and will complete some pages that did not load previously. I suspect that it is not just a simple problem, but rather a combination of things including variable WiFi signal strength, webpage content, and Safari/iPhone memory usage.
  15. tj911t

    tj911t New Member

    I had the same problem. It seemed to go away when I checked the Safari settings and saw that javascript was not enabled and then enabled it. Hope this helps.
  16. P-one

    P-one New Member

    iPhone freezing

    My phone froze for the first time when i took a picture of my brother. It just froze with him holding his iPhone and funny thing was that the picture was number 13. Oooooo Spooky.

    Anyway, I tried holding down the home button for about 10 or so seconds and nothing, still frozen, I tried the power (sleep wake) and nothing. What I didn't try correctly was both power & home button for a few seconds or until restart. That's what the guy directing customers in front of the genius bar did for me before I saw a genius at the bar. The phone did say I had to connect to iTunes which she did and restored everything. Phone still worked, AT&T network kicked in immediately so I was able to make calls. Thing is it froze 3 more times since friday. I called once and was told if it keeps happening maybe a replacement would have to be made. Lets see what happens. Trying not to loose my mind.
  17. vrsc

    vrsc Member

    still having these same issuess! :(
  18. P-one

    P-one New Member

    No. Not since saturday afternoon. And I don't put it down for a long time.
    Still mastering its functions.
  19. sbrainb

    sbrainb New Member

    This is excellent. It helped A LOT.

    I noticed Safari and Google Maps quitting just the other day and I must say I was PISSED! I was getting ready to call Apple and read them the riot act but figured I'd do a little searching online first. This saved me a lot of time and expended energy.
  20. roxygibert

    roxygibert New Member

    Restarting helps!

    I was incredibly frustrated, my browser just kept crashing and more and more consistently... brilliant person I am, I realized I had never actually turned OFF my phone in days! Just one quick restart and i'm back in biz.. :cool:
  21. P-one

    P-one New Member

    Way to go Roxy. Restarting solves many problems. Remember the iPhone is a a a small computer and what I refer to as a "MiniMacBook" I even have those exact words as my e-mail signature lol. The Mac OS X Theme & Icons look sweet. You take care yourself roxy and that iPhone.

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