iPhone Screenshot Thread


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There's random pics of different mods in a ton of threads, so I figured I would start an organized thread where we can see everybody's mods! :cool:

I like how I could edit the Notes icon with my own text. Thanks Britna for the idea ;)
I cant decide on what to put as the carrier logo so thats still to come along with changing to battery to a dark red. So much to do so little time!


Haha well i've done most of the mods... and i must say you gotta watch out that you don't go overboard...

case in point.... submitted for your approval.. I bring you... DERELICT!

(actually its' just the bottombarknobgrey.png completely transparent)... had me laughing

it's pretty cool actually bc you see nothing moving when you swipe over but the letters magically disappear....

Mies Von Der Rohe: Klein ist Mehr
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Yeah, I'm a member there too, and couldn't find them. Although, there is an assload of other good ones!
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is this being done from in the iPhone or over data cable with an app?
jasunto, go to the section that explains how to put custom ringers on your phone... the program jailbreak allows the uploading of your own files to the phone, and iPhoneinterface allows you to actually transfer the new files to the phone via data cable...

the tutorial has everything you need to figure out how to mod your iPhone...