iPhone sending history to AT&T?


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Sep 11, 2007
I just got an iPhone, and have been on a family plan with my parents ever since I owned my first phone. I remembered they could always see what numbers I was text messaging on the monthly bill, and a few times (however I don't know if they were serious) they said they could see what the message said.

My question is, do you think the iPhone sends all data to AT&T so on the bill it will show who you've been texting, where you've been going on the internet? I like my privacy, I'd feel weird chatting with someone online knowing it might be seen etc. I'm in college and I certainly won't be getting the bill, so I will never know for sure, unless someone knows otherwise.
Jul 26, 2007
My bill had every single number I called and Text messaged. So, I had them turn the detailed billing off and they claim that will fix it.
My very first AT&T bill was very thick because it detailed everything, everytime I was on the net, who I texted to and what numbers I called. It didn't have include the conversation of each texts, just the number you sent texts to.

They supposedly have stopped sending detailed bills because they wasted so much paper.


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Sep 5, 2007
You should be OK

I had detailed billing until after my first iPhone bill. The first bill after purchasing the iPhone was 35 pages, most of which was detailing all of my text messages. Like stated above AT&T was proactive in saving trees and changed this themselves. The next month, I got a 7 page bill. In the area where the text message details would be, there was sentence stating that AT&T automatically turned off text message detailing in an effort to save paper. It also said that I would have to call and ask for this feature to be turned on if I wanted to see it in my bill.

So it's safe to say that this billing feature would be disabled after purchasing the iPhone.