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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by lisamarie0006, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. lisamarie0006

    lisamarie0006 New Member

    Has this happen to anyone??? My iphone just shut off. I had battery. I can't get it to come back on. I've tried taking out my sim card and holding down the power button, but it's still doesn't come back on. :mad:
  2. lensam

    lensam Member

    Take it back
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  4. jahjah1

    jahjah1 New Member

    hold down the recovery and the power buttons at the same time till you see the apple sign,hope this helps.
  5. Youngbinks

    Youngbinks Zealot

    Can you connect it to iTunes and have iTunes recognize it? If so, try restoring as a NEW iPhone and see if the problem persists. If you can get it to turn on then you're fine, if not, I would recommend visiting an Apple store soon.
  6. bambam227

    bambam227 New Member

    I started having the same problem yesterday,turns out the power button on the top right side was sticking,I had to use a sharp knife to pop it back out,I'm considering taking it back if it does it again.
  7. iriswandi

    iriswandi New Member

    It works... thank you soooo much...

    hi jahjah1... it works... really help me... thank you very much... yihhhaaaaa....

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