iPhone sporadically playing and pausing movies/music by itself...

iPhone 3G sporadically playing and pausing movies/music by itself...

I was trying to watch a movie while riding in the car today, and it kept pausing by itself. I would hit play, and it would pause again a few seconds later. It kept doing this off and on.
Sometimes it would pause, then play, then pause again. It was pissin me off. I couldn't even enjoy a movie.
Imagine my anger when I'm flipping through my iPod menu, and music starts playing by itself! So I paused it, then go to home screen, and it starts playing again! GRRR!

Does anybody know what could be causing this?

I'm going to get my phone replaced due to cracks as soon as my new Macbook Pro gets back from repair and I can backup my phone. (Mac screen was DOA, but thats for another post)


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Sep 10, 2007
I've heard similar issues. Mainly with music starting and stopping. The suggestions I saw were resynching the phone due to corrupt movie/music files or deleting the files try reimporting them into your library.

I also had a wild theory that (if you were using your headphones) the clicker on the headphones was malfunctioning some how. If you were using headphones, try watching without the headphones and see if it still does it.