iPhone still work without a SIM?

Aug 8, 2009
Hey there, unfortunately I need to use my blackberry as my cell phone through t-mobile since it has UMA and my house is a blackhole for cell signal otherwise. But, I'd love to have an iPhone as a "wifi toy" just something to dink around with over my wireless, or use as an ipod. Do you all know if it will still function with these features without a sim in it? I can get an old iPhone without too much trouble since everyone is upgrading, but I don't want to spend the money if its not going to work without the sim in it. If it would work, any idea if I could still get apps for it without a sim? Thanks so much, just trying to find a way to recycle and old one, and have a fun toy.



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Dec 12, 2008
It will work without a SIM, but you'll have to jailbreak it to activate it. After you jailbreak it, you can unlock it if you want and put your T-Mobile SIM in it. You can swap the SIM back and forth between your Blackberry, and use the Blackberry on the weekdays and the iPhone on the weekends etc. But if you don't want to unlock it, that's fine. The phone will be fully functional, like an iPod, without SIM. You can get apps for it, use WiFi for data and do everything except make phone calls or have data off of WiFi without a SIM.

You'll use redsn0w to jailbreak it and ultrasn0w to unlock it. There's quite a few Youtube how to videos and we can help you out and provide step by step instructions when you get it.



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Sep 5, 2009
Once a phone is activated it runs fine without a sim. It says no sim on the "slide to unlock" screen, but apps and wifi work fine.

If you don't have a phone already then get an iPod touch...

jailbreak/unlock is also a good choice ;)

Blackberries are really bad coming from an iPhone...
Jun 30, 2009
Me too used bb for a long days. Liked it so much before using iPhone. But when I started using iPhone bb just looked so uncultured to me! love my 16gb now.