iPhone stuck on boot screen pineApple logo

After uninstalling MobileInstallationPatch, My phone locked up..and it was an iBrick for a little while...

If this happens to you... FOLLOW THESE STEPS!

1.First Make sure YOU ARE NOT Connected via USB to your Mac/PC
2.Make Sure iPhone is OFF (Hold Home and Sleep/Wake button in unison for about 5 Seconds)

Step 1:
Turn Your iPod/iPhone on and LEAVE IT ON for about 15 minutes until the Screen Dims and you see dimmed boxes at the bottom of the screen. BOXES ONLY HAPPEN WITH SOME BOOT SCREENS
Step 2:
Turn the iPhone/iPod OFF
Step 3:
Then Turn it on. (DO NOT CONNECT IT TO YOUR COMPUTER YET) and in EXACTLY 5 Seconds Connect it to your Computer. It should boot up and show your Springboard.

*******NEW*** METHOD 2:
Must have ssh installed

1. turn ipod or iPhone off
2. connect cable
3. turn on ipod iPhone
4. listen for ding dong (window) or what ever the mac sound is
5. ssh to your ipod iPhone
6. goto /var/mobile/
7. rename Applications to Applications2
8. wait 5 second and your springboard will pop up
9. now rename Applications back and restart

I personally had to restore my 2G 2.1 completely because of that MobileInstallationPatch...

Be sure to back up your cydia apps with APTBackup, and Backup everything onto iTunes RIGHT NOW!.... just incase..

hope this helped anyone out!


mine is apparently stuck now. It shows the pineApple and then shuts off. shows the pineApple and then shuts off. shows the pineApple...

I can't get it to do anything...
Mar 30, 2008
Elizabethtown, Kentucky
This actually happened to me lastnite after changing the mobile installation file my iPhone just kept getting stuck at the Apple boot logo :sick:
-so I ended up restoring twice and quickpwning 3 times!


Aug 19, 2008
The mobile installation patch sent my phone straight to boot logo. I ssh'd into my phone and removed the file and also renamed the applications file and nothing would work. i had to restore and i set up as a new phone. I lost my jailbreak and my new Macbook doesn't play well with the iPhone going into DFU mode. So I guess I'm going to run factory 2.2 for awhile. Anybody have a GOOD mobile installation file that they can share?
Mar 30, 2008
Elizabethtown, Kentucky
Well. . .if you really wanna find a reliable MI patch your gonna need to snoop around those "cracked apps" sites :sick:
-Not saying I crack apps or anything just Ive seen them before on the same sites who post guides on Jailbreaking


Aug 8, 2008
If you don't crack apps or use cracked apps, what would you need a Mobile Installation patch for? Is that a nooob question? lol
Aug 4, 2008
THANK YOU for posting this. I was about to do ANOTHER restore. I was stuck on the stupid pinApple again. I was about to SSH, replace the Mobileinstallation with a newer version, and then did step one, and it went to springboard.

And the place I downloaded mobile install from, it had two files for 2.2. It had one called mobileinstall patch, and one called mobileinstall. Not sure if those are two different things. But basically the mobilesintall allows you to use cracked apps which are applications you can buy from Apple but you can download them for free.