iPhone support A2DP?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by danielchk, Jun 30, 2007.

  1. danielchk

    danielchk New Member

    Does the iPhone (2G - Original) support Bluetooth A2DP. This tech would allow for using stereo Bluetooth headphones.
  2. Daywalker7

    Daywalker7 New Member

    No it doesn't. That subject has been discussed numerous times on this site.
    A lot of people think that Apple may release an update that would allow the IPHONE to support A2DP.
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  4. danielchk

    danielchk New Member

    Yes.. but on the Spec. it's using the Bluetooth 2.0 standard , it should provide stereo sound out ai ..did anyone try to pair with the stereo bluetooth ?
  5. Daywalker7

    Daywalker7 New Member

    Tried it with i phono minis. Does not work for listening to music but it does work for taking phone calls.
    But there is always a way around anything if you want it bad enough.
    Most bluetooth headsets come with a bluetooth dongle. Plug the dongle into the headphone jack,(you will probably have to buy the adapter) Pair it with your headset and you have bluetooth stereo from your iphone.
  6. danielchk

    danielchk New Member

    yes... can buy those Dongle for iPOD instead ..
  7. Austinsdc

    Austinsdc Member

    What exactly is A2DP?
  8. jomaha

    jomaha New Member

    A2DP format

    Tried to pair with Oakley O-Rokr and Motorola S9 headphones, both wireless headsets. iPhone does not support A2DP standard so the only wireless that works is the phone earpieces. I did try it with an iPod 30 pin bluetooth adapter (Icombi AP21b) and it transmitted music to the wireless headphones.

    I was saddened to see the iPhone did not support the A2DP format, maybe there will be an upgrade at a later date.
  9. jomaha

    jomaha New Member

    Try this bluetooth adapter instead, it plugs into the 30 pin port at the bottom and you can control the volume, forward/reverse functions as well.


    Good luck!
  10. cman6453

    cman6453 New Member

    Off topic. Just wanted to say that your sig is the best quote ever!! PROPS!! Now back to your regularly scheduled thread. :laugh2:
  11. Daywalker7

    Daywalker7 New Member

    I can't take credit for that.
    That quote belongs to the great Bruce Lee.
  12. Daywalker7

    Daywalker7 New Member

    Wow! I didn't know Oakley made those. Are you sure it will fit on the iphone?
    I have been holding out on buying any more adapters in hopes that apple will release an A2DP update.
    It would be just my luck I go and spend $50.00 on this thing and then Apple releases an update.
  13. LESLIEx317537

    LESLIEx317537 New Member

    That's why I'll still carry my Sony Ericsson K790a - Bluetoothâ„¢ stereo (A2DP)
    Music from phone to headset over a wireless connection. http://www.sonyericsson.com/spg.jsp?cc=us&lc=en&ver=4000&template=pip3&zone=pp&pid=10411

    Getting the 850 when it comes out. 5 mp cam, woot. iPhone don't got Xenon Flash with Stillshot and FM Radio with RDS, and I can't use the iPhone to get my Laptop online if I'm not by a WiFi spot to download a file to a USB key or something. Also iPhone got no video recorder. wah?

    So my Sony Ericsson has to serve those purposes. Thank you Apple for not including such useful features.
  14. sircalbear

    sircalbear New Member

    A2DP (Stereo protocol)

    It is VERY disappointing that iPhone does not support the stereo bluetooth.
    Meanwhile, my ipod dongle from wiREVO is working well.
  15. LESLIEx317537

    LESLIEx317537 New Member

    If your on a phone call using the bluetooth headset and then hit play on the iPod function, it streams the music to the bluetooth headset. -Even if you use the headphones this works also.

    So if it can do that, I don't see why it can't do A2DP. It is EDR BT 2.0 on the iPhone. Isn't it a matter of just coding some more?
  16. sircalbear

    sircalbear New Member


    I believe Apple is intentionally blocking A2DP protocol. CSR bluetooth chip set (which iPhone uses) supports A2DP on their reference design. Most likely, Apple is holding off till they come up with their own BT Stereo Headset. I just hope that they use the standard protocol ( Not Apple Only protocol..) so that I can use my Stereo Headset.
  17. Life_is_art

    Life_is_art New Member

    Conspiracy? - you decide!

    Hate to think the worst of Apple, but it seems it *has* to be intentional. I found a post on another site that somebody dug through the Legal statement and found the Bluetooth software stack is called BlueMagic, by an outfit called Open Interface (where do companies come up with these names?...). Anyway, it seems their software includes A2DP support - so the feature is actually ON THE PHONE! So for whatever reason, Apple thought it was okay to leave that little feature out. Nice to know that $600 buys you a phone that's state-of-the-art - as of 2 years ago. Hmph. :(
  18. jomaha

    jomaha New Member

    Still using the iCombi adapter with the O Rokr headphones for music and phone functions. When you sync (the iCombi adaptor and O'Rokr's) the iPhone will display three phone speaker options:

    1 - O'Rokr Headphones
    2 - iPhone
    3 - Speakerphone

    While this is probably the same protocol for "head-sets" I only make the comment here because the O Rokr headphones are connected through the iCombi adaptor which is A2DP. Seems Apple allows for this connection, just that the iphone does not have the A2DP function "lit up". We'll have to wait and see what Apple comes up with to manage wireless headphones for both the music and phone functions.
  19. Life_is_art

    Life_is_art New Member

    We wait another year to cut the cord?

    Nice to know about the iCombi adapter. Sitll, it just doesn't make sense that you can't get Bluetooth stereo, since all the components seem to be there. And it's a good question - did Apple disable the A2DP because they want to do some Apple-only, proprietary protocol? So then we're forced to buy only Apple headphones when they (finally) go wireless?

    The big frustration for me is that for $600, the only way I could make sense of buying the iPHone was to replace both my phone and my iPod. And Of course I assumed Apple would be up to date on the Bluetooth. Every new $100 phone from other makers will play MP3s and give you wireless stereo... so now I've "traded up" and still don't have the features of a cheap Motorola.
  20. Daywalker7

    Daywalker7 New Member

    Will the adapter only work with oakley products?
    I'm getting the Motorola s805 DJ style bluetooth stereo headphones.
    Do you think the connection will work with that?
  21. DeadSpider

    DeadSpider New Member

    I am eagerly awaiting to see the A2DP Profile implemented into
    the iPhone. I have my eyes on a nice headset if it ever makes it into
    a future update.

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