iPhone Tips at the Beach

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New Member
Jun 30, 2007
I found myself at the beach in Destin, FL just a few days after getting my new iPhone, and wanted to pass along some tips on using it at the beach.

#1 - Use Google Maps to find and then give directions to your travel destination. It did an amazing job. It saved all the turn by turn directions, so even when we passed through a national refuge that had no Edge signal the directions were available.

#2 - To protect it from water and sand while on the beach, I put it into a Snack Size Glad Zipper ziplock bag. You can view the screen, and the touch screen still works. It doesn't get too hot.

#3 - I found that the screen is hard to see when you are wearing polarized sunglasses. Otherwise screen is very easy to see in bright sun.

#4 - Use Google Maps to find and then give directions to local restaurants and shops you want to visit. Wow, has this saved us time! I love the Google Maps application. I can see real estate sales people buying it for this feature alone.

#5 - Just to rub it in that you not only have an iPhone, but also time to play at the beach, use the camera to take and send photos to your friends and colleagues.



New Member
Jul 3, 2007
here's what I did at the beach: I popped the sim card out of my iPhone, slipped it into my razr and took the raze to the beach. No way my iPhone gets anywhere the beach!


New Member
Jun 16, 2007
first off id like to say i live and destin and its awesome, did yo come down for the fourth? and if you did did you happen to make out to crab island? it was a whole lot of fun.

second i didn't think it was possible to put sim card from iPhone into a different phone and have it work?