iPhone versus Tilt


Nov 11, 2007
Good Day

I have a friend who is planning on buying a Tilt phone.
I have tried to convince her that the iPhone is a better phone than the Tilt, but being that I know nothing about the Tilt, I am having a hard time explaining why.

She is supremely intelligent and if I can't give her a logical reason why to buy the iPhone she won't.....and I KNOW that is a mistake.

She is most concerned about being able to synch her Windows applications with the iPhone most importantly Office; synch her calendar with her work calendar, and use Excel spreadsheets. I have seen the post for the Windows Suite but haven't been able figure out what that post actually means because of all the bickering and spam complaints.

I am planning on doing research later , but until then, any input would be appreciated.

Good Day



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Nov 24, 2007
its a great phone IMO but it iiis a windows mobile and they have a pretty crappy record. The thing about the iPhone is that u can translate it to "myPhone" once you jailbreak it. For style, easy UI, and great Internet experience along with an awesome iPod go with iPhone but if I was her. I would get the tilt first then see how I like it.(wait for the 3G iPhone coming out rumored in June)
if its businesss she needs the tilt will be great but when firmware 2.0 is out full microsoft exchange support will be out so syncing calendar etc. Will be out. As for microsoft office/excel maybe microsoft is working on an app on it for the iPhone to be released for the app store.
but yes get the tilt first. because if she gets the iPhone.. Haha its very unlikely she will go back to anything else