iPhone Volume Booster?


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Oct 27, 2007
I am not ready to take any chances but i remember that i downloaded a software that improved a lot my 1.02 v sound ! i can't remember from which source or what is the name of that program !
if anyone would like to try and share,
i tried enough and had to restore ! so will not take any chances if someone try it or found the software please share

here are the sources!

HighTymes: hightymes.org/iPhone/plist/index.xml
iSwitcher: web.mac.com/iswitcher2/list.xml
Loring Studios: loringstudios.com/iphone-schnapps/index.xml
AlohaSoft 1.0.2: homepage.mac.com/reinholdpenner/102.xml
AlohaSoft 1.1.1: homepage.mac.com/reinholdpenner/111.xml
aXP: lostsoul.aeroxp.org/iPhone/index.xml
Mateo: bblk.net/iPhone (BeatPhone)
BigBoss: markmon.mine.nu:90/iPhone/repo/repo.plist
Death to Design: iPhone.deathtodesign.com
iApp-a-Day: iappaday.com/install
iBlackjack: iPhonefanclub.com/native
MTL Repository: home.mike.tl/iPhone
Shai’s Apps: ride4.org/shai.xml (Customize Addons)
Slezak’s Stuff: www.spencerslezak.com (nothing on it yet)
Studded: studded.net/installer/index.xml
Surge: iPhonesurge.com/iPhonesurge.xml
Swell: lyndellwiggins.com/Swell.xml
FrenchiPhone: rep.frenchiPhone.com
Hebrew עברית: ihebrew.net
Russian- iPhone по-русски russianiPhone.ru/beta
Russian Tools (in English) russianiPhone.ru/beta/en
Spanish- Phyros iphone-ES: iPhone.frickr.es/index.xml
Vietnamese: billydragon.joolo.com